Professional products at an affordable price

Find great prices on women’s and men’s hair products — custom formulas designed for every type and texture. All of our product lines will enhance your style and keep your hair healthy and easy to manage. Currently, all of our products are only available at our Salon, with the exception of our NZ3 which is available here.

What salon quality means for your hair

Our product line is one of the reasons your hair looks incredible when you leave our salon. Compared to products you might buy in a pharmacy or grocery store, salon-quality products have higher concentrations of superior ingredients that are proven to enhance and protect your hair.

That fresh-from-the-salon look every day

Your stylist will consider your style goals, hair type, and texture and recommend products that will work for you and your lifestyle. Thick & Full formulas add lift and volume. The Moisturizing line nourishes and strengthens. Clarifying products remove buildup. And Color Protect makes your salon color last and last.

Every product is formulated to make you look and feel fantastic.

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